HillsMat Series

Beautify your mood with Hills Mat!

Artificial Turf for Garden


HillsMat Garden series is a good choice for garden landscape, and also very popular as the home decoration. Firstly, it gives peoples a feeling like real grass in their garden with tidiness and comfort because of HillsMat’s natural tidy grass appearance. Secondly, the multiple green tones color’s Hills Turf can bring rich visual pleasure so that peoples will have a good mood for a whole day. Thirdly, you should never worry about whether HillsMat will fade to yellow that affect your garden’s beauty. Hillsturf keeps green all year round no matter how weather it is.


Keep green all year round
No more maintenance
Mow free, water free, and fertilizer free
Adding more values in real states
Enhance beauty

Home front garden
Home backyard
Indoor decoration