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Victor Series

HillsMat Victor Series

The obvious feature of this kind of artificial grass is a strong stem in the middle of yarn grass. Higherly simulated the real grass with vein. Artificial grass in the stadiums needs such high toughness. Because of its strong stem, it is pulled continuously. The appearance of this kind of artificial grass is neat and firm. And the feeling playing on it is so soft and steadfast so that players can act boldly and confidently to play sports. Besides, It is the smooth and flat surface of grass yarn that win players favorite.

Hillsturf Victor Series artificial grass used in the soccer or football field, which not only ensures the firmness of the lawn, but also prolongs the service life of the grass. Its professional performance have been winning widly praise.

More applications: besides the soccer, football field, the rugby and other multi-use sports field also tend to choose the Hillsturf Victor series Stem-shape artificial grass, not only because the grass is firm, long service life, and with perfect professional sports performance, adding stem or vein grass, make whole football ground  look more plump, and like real grass. step on the grass, very soft and comfortable . Even if children play barefoot on the grass, there is no need to worry about injuries.

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