HillsMat Series

Beautify your mood with Hills Mat!

Showcase&Display Carpet

Many companies nowadays pay more attention about their products display and show. They may have no idea how to decorate environments surrounding products. Here is a good helper-use Hillsturf artificial grass as carpet for display and showcase. Because the features of Hillsturf are always keep green, no mow and no bud, so there is no need to worry about whether make it mess to leave a bad appearance for company. And you will feel soft and comfortable instead of as hard as ground, when you set foot on to it. Besides, Hillsturf artificial turf is so easy to be installed. Maybe it just needs less one hour to be installed as showcase and display carpets.
Easy to clean up
Easy installation
No more maintenance
Enhance more beauty
Soft and comfortable
Showcase and display
Home balcony backyard